Top Mistakes New Parents Make

Errors parents make in the baby's first year and how to avoid them.

Parents make mistakes all the time. Just think about your own parents. You will no doubt come up with a huge list of things they did wrong. The truth is no one is perfect. But if you know the mistakes parents make, maybe you can keep from making.

The mistakes parents make and the tips to help you avoid making them are:

Panicking Over Anything And Everything

Many new parents have overblown physical reactions to spitting up, vomiting, and other things a baby does. Parents can waste the entire first year of their baby’s life by worrying about the small stuff. Is he having a few bowel movements? Is he spitting a lot? Is he eating too little?

One needs to remember that babies are more resilient than we give them credit for.

Not Letting Your Infant Cry It Out

Crying is just part of being a baby. As parents, we believe it’s our job to never let our baby cry. Crying is a part of how babies communicate. A baby can be well-fed and perfectly diapered and still cry.

But if your baby is crying for over an hour, has a rash, fever, is vomiting, or anything unusual, call your pediatrician as soon as possible.

Waking Your Baby Up To Breastfeed

There is a misconception that breastmilk can’t get an infant through the night. But it is possible and beneficial for breastfed babies and their moms to sleep through the night.

Neglecting oral care

Your baby is never too young for you to start encouraging good oral health habits. Basic tips for encouraging good oral health are:

  • Do not give your baby milk in bed once the teeth have erupted.
  • Start using a toothbrush when your baby turns 1. Before it, use wet gauze to wipe their gums.

Trusting Unreliable Sources For Parenting Advice

It is classic mistake parents make. One needs to be careful about where you get your information. Official sites and advice from your pediatricians are trustable.