The real Spider man: US toddler survives a third floor fall

Pretending to be the Spider Man, a three year old US toddler, Dylan Hayes amazes people by surviving a third floor fall on Monday.

The boy was playing the role of Spider Man at home with a sibling on Monday night while his mother was cleaning carpet when the playtime fun turned out to be of complete horror and he ended
up in the hospital in Anaheim, California.

Reports state that the boy was jumping on a bed when he knocked off a screen and tumbled out the window of his house.

However, his fall was miraculously cushioned by bushes and dirt on the ground, New York Daily News reported.

Dylan fell out of the third story window of his Aurora apartment, did almost two somersaults in the air, and landed on his feet on a rock below. The screen he broke through probably suffered more damage than he did.