Youngest boy to undergo weight-loss surgery

Strange but true… on June 19, a six-year-old boy weighing more than 60 kilograms, went through a bariatric surgery at Indore hospital in Madhya Pradesh. And with this he becomes the youngest patient in the country to undergo scalpel for weight loss, said the doctors operating over him.

Dr Mohit Bhandari, Bariatric Surgeon at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences said, “The surgery was performed about a month back after which the patient’s weight decreased by seven kilograms”. He added that the boy was the youngest patient in the country having undergone this type of surgery.

As per the information received, the boy’s weight was more than 60 kilograms and his BMI (Body Mass Index) rate was about 50 before the surgery took place. He was facing many difficulties such as breathing problems, sleep apnea and hormonal disorders as well due to this.

Bariatric surgery is a kind of surgery where the size of the stomach is reduced by removing a part of the body that is the cause of generation of hormones not conducive for metabolism.

According to Dr Bhandari, the boy as expected will be losing another 25-30 kilograms of excess weight within next 6 months. He added that around twenty percent children in the country are falling under the category of ‘obese’ and by 2015 this figure will probably cross 30 percent.

It is indeed a tragedy that these days, the eating pattern of children is not acceptable. More of junk food and less of the healthy food intake is responsible for such strange obese cases coming up now and then. To keep such cases at bay it is very important to check upon the eating habits of the children and mend it accordingly, as the future of the nation lies in their hands.