Your broken heart can lead you to heart attack

A new study has revealed that losing your loved one to death, getting over excited while watching a thrilling match or a broken heart can lead a person to heart attack.

This recent research carried at the Heart Foundation has stated that epidemics like earthquakes, terror attacks and missile strikes can also trigger a heart attack.

Not just this but also leading an isolated life with very few social friends is also one of the factors, having few social contacts also leads to depression and acts like a trigger for a heart attack.

However, the research defends the myth that states that continuous job stress rapidly increases the chances of having a heart attack.

The current study has reviewed the reports of the list of last 10 years’ major heart researches and intelligently developed this paper on psychosocial risk factors for heart disease.

This research has further found that there was a hike of around 40 percent in the rate of death from heart attacks in sad and depressed people in the first six months after the death.

However in addition to that, a number of severe emotional stresses such as bereavement have also been considered responsible for a heart problem called takotsubo cardiomyopathy. In this the muscles of heart tend to contract into an hour glass shape, this further causes chest pain and affects heart function abruptly.

However, Professor Tatoulis said that this type of heart problem has usually been common among women aging between 45-65 years who were subjected to acute stress, but it was observed to usually resolve within 4-8 weeks.