Psoriasis treatment proposed by Biocon

A therapy for treatment of psoriasis has been introduced by Biocon. Psoriasis as we know is a skin disease. Biocon is claiming that its offering provides super safety when compared to any other treatment.

Psoriasis is detected when red patches start forming on skin. It is a lifelong condition and has not had a cure yet. Although its symptoms disappear for some time through treatment (this duration is known as “remission period”). While announcing the launch of ALZUMAb, Biocon CMD Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw stated that the treatment is an outcome of the path-breaking research conducted in India and would guide through a paradigm shift in the treatment of psoriasis.

This therapy claims to offer better safety, efficiency, longer remission period and lower infection rate, told Rakesh Bamzai, president (marketing), Biocon. He further added that the promised features would further lead to an overall reduction in the cost burden to the patient.

Rakesh further told that a single dose of ALZUMAb costs Rs 7,950 and the person having psoriasis has to go through the treatment for 24 weeks. Mazumdar-Shaw was questioned whether the poor would be getting some concession. She pacified, saying that the company has to recover the money it pumped in for research and development of the therapy.

Subjected for the treatment of minor to major psoriasis, ALZUMAb has been introduced in India by Biocon’s immunotherapy division. Prepared as an infusion drug its manufacturing is done at Biocon’s biopharma manufacturing facility at Biocon Park, in Bangalore.