Pa. sees Jubilation time! Girl with two lung transplants breathes at last

It’s good news for the Murnaghan family! Their 10 year old girl, Sarah, who is suffering from cystic fibrosis, has got a double lung transplant surgery done. And the great news is that the Pennsylvania girl has been taken off oxygen and is now walking the path of health.

Double lung transplant

We are sure Janet Murnaghan is one very happy lady as she confirms that her daughter, 11 year old Sarah, who underwent two major lung transplant surgeries, breathes in the life-giving oxygen on her own now! The doctors pulled off the oxygen support to the girl on Sunday and she managed to breathe confirm the reports. The oxygen had been taken off but she still gets machine support for breathing.

She was taken off oxygen and has shown progress by walking in the hospital with the help of a walker. She walks briefly and has even stepped out of the hospital for a while, claim the dailies. Her parents had filed a lawsuit for their child and a Federal Judge had intervened. The situation led to the transplant after the challenging of the National transplant rules.

The lung transplant was carried out at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the unfortunate Newtown Square girl who was suffering from cystic Fibrosis got a chance to breathe again. The girl who had end-stage cystic fibrosis, got the first lung transplant on the June 12 but the adult lungs failed to respond so she was once again taken under the doctor’s knife for a second lung transplant surgery after 3 days.

The Newtown Square girl, who had faced the major surgery about 3 months back is now walking the road to recovery scribbles her mother on Facebook. She was to be transferred to the progressive care unit from the ICU, in the Philadelphia Hospital, stated her Facebook page.

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis affects the lungs primarily. This inherited chronic disorder may also affect the digestive system and results in the formation of thick and sticky mucus that can clog lungs causing life threatening infections in the lungs. The mucus barricades the pancreas and halts the flow of natural enzymes that are essential for absorption and breakdown of food particles.