Follow these tips to shield against breast cancer

Go for a leisurely walk for an hour and keep breast cancer at bay! Is this true? A study done a few days ago confirms that more physically active a woman stays, lesser are the chances of her getting breast cancer.

Moderate exercising on a regular basis lowers the chances of breast cancer in a woman by almost 14% and the surprising thing is that vigorous physical exercise like aerobics, jogging or bicycling etc can lower the chances by almost 25%.

But the main thing here is that breast cancer can strike anybody and we need to protect ourselves against its brutal attack. Let peer through some ways that can lower the risk of breast cancer:

Lose weight

It’s time to shed those unwanted pounds! The Surgeon General confirms that putting on about 20 pounds or more from 18 years to middle age increases the chances of postmenopausal breast cancer by two times. Anne McTiernan of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle a researcher says that healthy weight maintenance can prevent almost a quarter of breast cancer cases. The extra estrogen can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Restrict the wine

Research says that consuming two or more drinks with alcohol increases the chances of breast cancer by about 20%. This percentage may also be at a higher side, feel the experts. Its better that the women stick to one alcoholic drink a day or maybe even less says the American Cancer Society.

A latest study highlights that young women who were regular alcohol consumers before their first pregnancy were at a risk of higher chances of breast abnormalities. These abnormalities later were linked to cancer development.

Get the breast tissue density checked

Research confirms that having dense breast tissue can influence the chances of having breast cancer. Less fat, more glandular tissue and more fibrous tissue is the characteristic of dense breasts. Keep your eye open for this during the next scheduled mammogram. The type of monitoring, Mammogram or ultrasound , is a decision that will depend on the doctor who studies your dense breast tissue. According to Thomas Kolb, MD, at times mammograms may just skip the breast tumors. It has been shown to miss the tumors in 60% cases.

Have antioxidants

Bioflavonoids may be the answer ladies, go for them. So why not eat a rainbow, say the researchers. Grab all the brightly colored fruits and vegetables you can lay your hands on; the legumes, the fruits, colored vegetables are loaded with antioxidants. Heard about green tea? It’s rich in polyphenols that destroy free radicals. Then comes the garlic, turmeric, grapes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, go for them!

Throw the butt

It’s time to chuck the cigarette away! Smoking causes lung cancer for sure and also risks the women. In a follow up study spaced over 13 years the researchers found out that chances of breast cancer being diagnosed in smoking women was 24% higher than the non smoking women. Breast cancer probability was about 13% in former smokers.