Thai drug addict shows drug generosity! Donates methamphetamine to flood victims

A drug addict has always been known to show erratic patterns of behavior and this time a man who was under the heavy stupor of drugs, contributed methamphetamine tablets to a flood relief centre, to aid the flood victims.

Drug crazy man

It’s the drug trance that is again working overtime! On Tuesday, a man thoroughly stoned under the influence of drugs was caught and put behind bars after he tries to give away some methamphetamine tablets to a flood relief centre, confirmed the authorities. Was this his way of providing some assistance to the flood affected members?

Jakrit Mukpradab, a 39 year old guy, carried a small plastic bag that enclosed 11 methamphetamine pills zip locked tightly and decided to deposit it at a donation camp. On Monday in Sattahip, a seaside district, in the Chonburi province, Mukpradab, decided to help his fellow human friends who had suffered the wrath of brutal floods in this unique manner. He decided to lend a hand to his fellow Thais who bore the brunt of nature’s fury in this unique manner, confirmed Pawat Lertmukda the local district chief.

Massive floods had struck in many places across Thailand and about 3.6 million people had been badly affected and about 61 people had died in the mishap in many areas of Thailand. According to the Chief, Jakrit admitted to the volunteers helping out the flood victims that he had handed over the drugs so that they could sell off the methamphetamine tablets and in turn make good use of the money collected by the sale of the drugs for the benefit of the flood victims.

Judicial charges slapped on Jakrit

The Chief commented on the incident and said that “Looking high, he showed the volunteers the drugs and told them, ‘I don’t have any money to donate. Will these do?’” Pawat affirmed that the man had no idea that the volunteers worked for a civil drug suppression task force. Jakrit is not a very lucky guy; even if the Police could not rake up anymore drugs in his house they still found an unlicensed gun and some bullets in his possession.

Pawat disclosed that 39 year old, Jakrit Mukpradab, was a drug peddler, in the past and had consumed methamphetamine before he handed over the zip pouch with drugs to the camp. The incident led to the imprisoning of Jakrit and now he will face judicial charges and maybe 10 years custody because of possession of narcotics for personal consumption.