Study Reveals That Truck Drivers Are Highly Prone To Prostate Cancer

Researchers who revealed the results of the study at International Conference on Frontiers by Cancer Prevention Research at American Association for Cancer Research this Tuesday said that truck drivers face greater risks of being diagnosed with a terrible medical condition called prostate cancer.

This medical condition is among the most common form of cancer found in men and is harmless in nature. The National Cancer Institute opines that patients who do not get any treatments for their tumours might die of some other health condition except prostate cancer. Therefore, instead of studying about the various risks related to this form of cancer, the researchers of the new study concentrated their attention on the risks this aggressive medical condition would pose during the phase of diagnosis.

The researchers found that drivers of truck would be vulnerable, as the earlier studies showed that exposure to a type of “complete body vibration” in the long term experienced by male drivers operating heavy vehicle would put them at a higher risk of getting prostate cancer. However, the reason behind this connection is not clear, but one possibility that such vibration would prompt the male body to release lots of testosterone, a high risk for this kind of cancer.

This was the findings by the Annals of Occupational Hygiene study, which published its results in 2012. Another fact according to American Cancer Society is that continuous experience of vibration can trigger inflammation in the prostate gland in the male or prostatitis, which can also lead to development of prostate cancer.

The NCI, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY, the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill along with the Louisiana State University School of Public Health were the members of the researchers’ team. This team referred to the medical data and other records of over 2,132 males who played an integral part of Prostate Cancer project conducted by North Carolina, Louisiana.

The researchers found that of these men, truck drivers were facing the risk four times when compared to men associated with other kinds of profession like educators. They also revealed that men employed in garden shop face the risk of getting cancer by 2.33 times.