Online chat rooms may be the helping hands for the distressed people

According to BBC news, a recent research says that various chat rooms can help the people who are distressed a lot in their lives.

The present era is undoubtedly the era of rat race, tension and pressure. Not a single individual is completely free from such a pressure in his life. Starting from education to the official work, from personal lives to official lives, pressure and frustration is everywhere. These tensions are the major reasons for anxiety and distress. Now what the people would do when they are distressed in their lives and cannot share their feelings with their offline friends and families?

The research says that here comes the importance of various online chat rooms. Though it is found that several chat rooms are responsible for causing suicides among the young people, but it is also clear from the study that chat rooms do a lot of help also. An incident cited in this case includes a minor who was found hanging herself after getting some obscene comments via the online chat rooms. But still, the importance of these online chat rooms cannot be denied.

It is very important that before a person starts chatting in any online site regarding his/her anxiety, he/she should understand his/her symptoms of anxiety properly and along with this also comprehend his feelings. If a person can understand his/her anxiety properly, then only the person would be able to share the feelings with the online experts.

The chat rooms for anxiety are good for several reasons. For example-
• A person can share all his/her thoughts and symptoms in the chat without having the feelings of being neglected or humored.
• A person can interact with other persons, who are going through the same mental condition.
• A person can develop friendship with other people who are under the same distress in their lives but knows how to tackle it with efficiency.

Experts recently say that rather than blocking such type of sites, they should be encouraged to grow. These sites have a much personal touch rather than the normal web pages. A little personal touch can change the life of an individual. The most important aspect is that, a person can sign in anonymously and share the feelings. As a result of this, he/she will not feel shy.