Fall In Love: It’s Good For Your Heart!

When you are in love, your heart will feel lighter as the blood pressure would be very low. The recent study reveals that while people spent time with their spouses or lovers, their blood pressure levels were slightly low. This is in spite of the reason whether the relationship between them was lovable or positive. Even if the relationship was not a happy one, the levels of blood pressure were a bit lover.

Brooks Gump, Lead Author of the research and Assistant professor, Psychology Brooks Gump, State University of New York, Oswego said that though, the low levels of blood pressure did not have a huge difference, it was a significant one.

Familiarity Leads To Low Systolic Figures:

Gump added that the levels of the systolic blood pressure among major numbers of participants in the study went low at a certain point. The study was conducted with 120 participants who had blood pressure monitors connected to them for a period of six days.

The study also observed that those participants who were not happy in their relationships also experienced low levels of blood pressure. This was mainly because of the fact that the participants were familiar with their partners and knew their behavior under predictable circumstances.

The lead researcher, Gump also added that people who were involved in poor relationships tried to avoid their partners more but still, their levels of blood pressure went low while they spent time together.

Another report by National Institute of Medicine, based in Washington DC studied the about the link between the couple’s health and behavior. It found that if one had an intimate relationship then it could add up to a person’s life. This report also recommends the need of more studies in this field in order to determine the behavior of a person and its effect on one’s health condition.

Gump added that the study underlines a notion that relationships can form a protective shield against heart issues and bit of extra study was essential. The studies by National Institute of Medicine that were conducted in US, Japan and Scandinavia have revealed that people are isolated or stay alone from the rest tend to face a higher risk of dying at an premature age. The study also concluded that there is a need for social relationship and deep loving relationships for humans as it can affect one’s health.