Drinking Habits Of Spouses Can Influence Stronger Marriage

A recent study indicates that heavy drinking is not a marriage breaker as long as the spouses are drinking the same amount of alcohol. The team of researchers at the University of Buffalo followed the drinking habits of 634 couples during their period of first nine years of marriage. They found that those couple who shared same amount of drinks everyday at an average were enjoying a successful marriage while those couple who did not have the same drinking pattern had bad marriage terms.

Speaking of specific terms, 50% of the couple that had a single partner consuming more alcohol than their spouse, ended their marriage in divorce. However, it was only 30% for those who had a similar drinking habit irrespective of the fact whether they are heavy drinkers or light drinkers.

Kenneth Leonard, Lead author of the study said that the results of the study indicate that there is a significant difference amongst the drinking habits of the couple rather than the drinking procedure itself as it leads to dissatisfaction in married life,
divorce or separation.

You might be surprised to know that this is not the first time that researchers have found a connection between the drinking habits among the partners and divorce processes. Team of researchers from Norwegian Institute of public Health showed that among 19,977 couples who were married conveyed the same results that those who had similar drinking habits were very attached with each other that reduced their incidences of marital split.

Leonard also said that the heavy drinking habit among spouse though supports a good marital relationship, it can affect the lives of their kids as it highly bad for them. The reason why the couple have a steady marriage life might be owing to the fact that they can become highly tolerant of all negative experiences that they face together in their life. The researchers also found that there was a bit of rise in the percentage of divorce among couple that had the wife bingeing on alcohol rather than the husband.