Regrets After Sex Might Differ For Men And Women

Based on the recent study results, men do not have regrets after having sex with many people while women regret it when they have sex with the wrong partner. Researchers of University of Texas and University of California conducted the study, both located at Los Angeles, which showed that the regret feel is a part of the process of evolution that is connected with reproduction.

Martie Haselton, Professor, UCLA social psychology said that for men, based on the history of evolution, each opportunity he missed at having sex with a new partner is similar to missing a reproductive opportunity, which is an expensive loss based on the perspective of evolution.

He also stated that men had three main regrets such as being very timid while approaching a suitable partner, not involving in sexually adventurous activities while they were very young and not being an adventurous person in sex while living life as a single person. The main regrets for women would include experiences such as losing virginity to a wrong partner, cheating a present partner or a past partner and moving very fast while making sexual advances.

Haselton said that the consequences of casual sex were very high for women than men and this has lead to the shaping of emotional reactions when compared to sexual liaisons that persist these days. The study also proved that for most of the women having sex with a partner who was physically not attractive was the top regret. The report was based on three studies that were conducted among 25,000 people. The findings of the study were published in the latest issue of an academic journal called the Archives of Sexual Behavior.