Is it thumbs up for the live-in relationships?

Society for years at a stretch has given the go-ahead to marriage and looked down upon live-in relationships. The elderly favored the solemnized relations but with the evolving times and cultures , a new bond has formed between partners-the bond of a live-in relation.

Live–in relation has penetrated from the Western World and is actually an unofficial marriage certificate for the couples and two people start to live under the same roof, consummating their bonding in each way, without the formality of paper or religious works. Majority of the youth hold the live-in Western culture important, as a broken marriage, often results in a nasty divorce ordeal. Let’s peek a little closer at the pros and cons in a live-in relation:

Hassle free relationship

Hate the sound of the cranky babies? Well, don’t fear , the live-n relationship saves you from the nitty gritty of baby planning, cozying up to the relatives of the partner, or sharing your possessions. You can even be saved from the responsibilities towards each other, as each partner does his own thing.

Financial independence

In a live-in relationship one does not have to share any financial burden. There is no compulsory obligation in the relation to share money, the finance remains independent.

Flexible relationship

People in a live-in relation are not tied down legally . They do not have to adhere to any rules and this is very attractive to the new generations.

Test for compatibility

Need compatibility test with your partner? Go for a live-in relation as it lets both the partners get an experience of many situations that occur in the daily life . What if you feel that your partner is incapable of rationality in a real life situation? People get an idea regarding this and can opt for “out”. On the other hand there are some people who cant stick around in a relation for a long time and have a tendency to get bored after sometime. Lasting relation is not their forte so live-in gives them an opportunity to scram away.

Legal hassle free

Live-in relations offer the option of packing the bags and walking off anytime though there is an insecurity factor that shrouds the alliance. It’s the emotional turmoil rather than judicial turmoil that one has to deal with.

The relationship is rule-free and one doesn’t have any social pressures or norms to stick in. At times the partners also indulge in multiple relationships and then settle for one. It gives you the space to be yourself as you can be natural and true. You are not held under the gallows for compromising with your partner, its free will that decides the liason.