‘Baby bond’ for sure! Read on carefully ,daddies-to-be

All ready to become a daddy? Excited beyond words? As you gear up for the close bonding, remember there are a number of challenges up your sleeve, daddy-to-be. We are sure a little friendly advice about turning a new daddy will be welcome; we have been digging into this area especially for you.

First and foremost is to take the baby’s coming in stride and realize that you are not perfect. Mistakes are natural, they make you learn, just focus on the baby and love your child unconditionally, it will work wonders.

The baby’s poop, food and feed times

Desire a close bond with your child? Babies recognize touch and start to bond with the person holding them. The first three months of the baby’s life are all about timely feeds, sleeping and pooping. As you keep looking closely helping in these tasks, you will start to recognize the baby calls. Babies are a stickler for time and will hint their needs, just have your eyes and ears open.

Take care of the feed

It’s a must to establish a baby connect so make sure you feed the baby her bottle. It’s a priceless experience to wake up and hold the baby in the middle of the night for a midnight feed. The baby needs to get a sterilized bottle for feeding on. In a toddler it’s the poop of the baby that tells the story, so take care of what the baby is taking in. Read each ingredient before feeding anything to the child. Try to get organic stuff for your baby and keep the carcinogenic pesticide laden foods away.

Let the developmental stages take their toll

There is a time for everything. The stage of development decides the time for walking and talking etc. Potty training will happen don’t fret over it, just a little while more with the diaper changing, be patient, daddies, the kids will soon outgrow these stages. Just go be the loving daddy you are!

The inoculation schedule

The baby has an inoculation schedule to adhere to. It’s ok for the mommies to know about it but you are the daddy, peek into the schedule and try to get the baby into your arms just after the injectable at the health clinic. Be regular with the doctor visit and after the meeting cuddle your baby close, wipe those tears away and see that cute little grin pop through!

Read to the baby

Babies love a steady and comforting drone reading or crooning to them. Pick up a baby book and make it a bedtime practice to read to them and watch those little hands tenderly clutch at daddy dearest’s collar. Small games like staring deep into the eyes, certain hand movements, or reciting musical words, making faces, yelling out squeaks or rhymes gets an exuberant response from the baby.

Wear the baby around

Working in the garden or the kitchen? Daddy dear just strap your baby to your stomach in a baby carriage, and attack the task with gusto. You can sing, dance and play around as you hug your baby close, cuddled to the tummy. Remember the babies love this!

Massage and bath times

Pick the oil bottle and talk to the baby as you massage the small tired baby limbs. Rub away the oil as you talk to the baby and then go for some fun dunking times in the bathroom. Give your baby a bath and let him splash around throwing the water all over you. Very little babies get jittery in the water, give them a bath holding them close to your chest.

A comfortable bath is bliss for an agitated child. Then settle the turbulent emotions of the child and then you can end the activity with a calm and comforting story while putting the baby to bed. Speak softly to the baby to soothe his nerves.