Child immunity compromised? Shove the infections away

Petrified by the creche syndrome? Well, the constant episodes of infections that your child lugs back home from the exposure to other kids in the day care or creche are a constant source of irritation and worry for the parents.

It’s an imperative need for the “busy bread earning” parents of today’s home to put the apple of their eye into a day-care center. They have no alternative as the only care giving time and facilities during the day are at a creche or a pre-school. In the day-care the babies are constantly exposed to a storm of infective medical illnesses and we need to lend a hand so that the children can boost their immunity and combat their health hassles. The children mix around with the other children for many hours and thus they end up with exhaustive illnesses that mean a regular visit to the physicians for medications.

The creche syndrome

The little children are growing up and are at the same time struggling to develop a strong immune system. They are vulnerable to the infections and are susceptible to bacteria and various germs and so fall sick often. This constant contact with specific pathogens leads to the children developing an immunity towards them.

The physician visits lead to symptomatic treatments like an antibiotic course that generally has no effect on the viral infection. This frequent use of antibiotics lead to the under developed immune system develop a resistance to the antibiotics. So cool it and let the immune system of the children perk up and let it fight the infection on its own.

The right foods

There are some foods that are known to push the immune system into activity and including them in the diet needs to get a big “Yes” from the parents. Get hold of the yellow, green and orange vegetables and feed it to your kids. The green broccoli, the yummy butternut, and the orange red carrots need to be a part of the everyday meal of your child.

Sometimes the children trouble tremendously about the foods they are willing to take in, at that time it becomes essential that we give them mineral and vitamin supplements that have omega fatty acids, Zinc and Vitamin A. All these are immune system boosters and very helpful for the growing child.


Stomach infections are very common in small children and at that time probiotic therapy can prove to be very helpful. They help replace the intestinal flora that gets compromised after a treatment with the antibiotics. Research shows that these aid the immune system and can be consumed as a supplement.

Viral infections are seen to be on the decline and the duration of the infection can be reduced if one takes a probiotic, say the experts. The good bacteria in the probiotics help the bad ones stay away from the body, giving the immune system a boost up.