Tips to make those early marriage adjustments

Dresses, parties, bridal beauty and the jitters on D Day! Wedding is an intoxicating experience for a bride. And like all highs, nuptial bliss too wears off and the reality of being in a marriage sets in. While the mood is still new and romantic, newlyweds can expect certain ups and downs during their first year of marriage. Deal with them effectively by following some ground rules that will ensure that your lives together are happy.

Experts weren’t kidding when they said communication the key to everything. Never underestimate the importance of talking your heart. Whether you see something on his Facebook wall that bothers you or she does something that gets you riled up, it’s important to voice your concerns. A lot of us hold issues back fearing bad feelings, but the truth is that’s where communication starts to break down. Remember when it comes to healthy relationships, there is no such thing as over-communication. Communication becomes redundant if there is no honesty in it. As cliché as it may sound, the strength of a relationship is founded in complete honesty. Instead of trying to hide things from each other, confront any issues and be honest about them.

Humor essential
The most effective advice to keep a relationship intact is to maintain the component of humour. If you learn to laugh together, and guffaw over past arguments, you can overcome just about anything that comes your way.

Take pride in your appearance
As superficial as it may seem, look good for your better half. When you start paying less attention to your appearance, you send the message to your better half that you just don’t care. You should be sending the signal that you’re still hot for your spouse. Also, sex is a vital part of the healthy relationship. Be adventurous or romantic to make sure your sex life is satisfying for both of you.

Find common interests
Look for those mutual interests that excite both of you and explore them together. No matter how much you are convinced you can’t stand chick flicks or watching football, if something is significant to your partner it may just be worthwhile giving it a go. Trying out each other’s interest helps you discover new things about your partner which deepens the bond between you two. Also, by sharing your hobbies and interests, you will be able to factor time together into your hectic schedules.

Hang on to your individuality
While doing things together is important, it’s vital not to forget you are an individual too. No matter how much you love your spouse, make sure you don’t abandon all your other friends and interests in the first flush of marriage. Make some regular ‘you’ time to do what you enjoy doing. This will eventually work towards a healthy relationship because it will give you more to talk about when you’re together and help you relish your time together.

Accept each other’s flaws
Accept your partner’s fault, because hey…no one is perfect! You and your partner will make mistakes so rather than focusing on all the things that might be bugging you about the other, dwell on the good points and try to respect them for who they are. If your spouse is doing something truly undesirable, it is important that you talk through any issues in a serene way so that you can start to work through them together.

Falling in love is not the same thing as being in love. There’s an adjustment when you merge two lives together. It’s give and take. Embrace the change and know what it takes to make an alliance work. You are both responsible for contributing to the success of the marriage.