Top Tips to stay healthy and warm this winter

As the chilly weather sets in, you must be prepared to stay healthy and to protect yourself from the usual issues such as cold and flu, digestive issues, dry skin etc. Make sure you pamper your family and yourself to keep warm and cozy this winter.

• Wear layered dresses to help yourself warm and to safeguard against the cold. Make sure you are bundled up and the clothing covers your upper chest, head and neck when you step outside.
• Take hot showers and baths or enjoy a steam bath as it helps you to get relief from all sores and aches while rejuvenating you.
• Get a warm massage at home with a hot aromatic oil of your choice.
• Stay warm by hugging your kids or pets at home as they can offer the much needed warmth.
• Exercise slightly indoors as it would help in better circulation of blood in your body.
• Do not breathe the air outside when stepping out during sub zero temperature.
• Always have fleece blankets, warm coats and shawls near you to stay warm even if the temperature drops all of a sudden.
• Make sure your ears are always closed by wearing hats or scarves as it can make you get cold easily.

Diet for winter – ways to stay healthy

• Have hot drinks like herbal teas, tea, coffee or hot cocoa to stay warm and to stay nourished.
• Have easy to digest foods like stews, soups, steamed food as it is easy on your stomach.
• Eat steamed or boiled food and avoid raw foods like salads, coleslaws etc. as it would contribute to healthy living during wintry days.
• Eat seasonal foods and freshly cooked meat dishes.
• Include nuts, olive oil or other cooking oil in small amounts when you cook food.