Healthy snacking for weight loss! Get ready to gobble healthy snacks

Putting on those “unwanted calories” and “unwelcome cellulite”? It’s time to take things into your hands, resort to healthy snacking and lose some weight to shape up to a slim “you”. Don’t pressurize that waist line and taper down those hunger pangs. If you can’t do that then grab some healthy snacks.

Berries, nuts and seeds

Pick up the jar of raw cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds, raw pistachios, cranberries and strawberries, and just pop them in your mouth. These will surely taper down those unsatiated taste buds and keep the increasing weight under control. One can keep the sugar levels steady by just consuming a few nutritious snacks; this has been confirmed by Carpo London. Just pick up the crunchy seeds and naturally dried fruits and pop them into your mouth towards good health.

Chia seeds

Pick your bowl of porridge and just add a tablespoon of high fiber, Chia seeds to it. This will help keep the appetite tapered and blood pressure controlled. Balance the seed intake with lots of water.

Healthy Chick peas

The best way to satiate the hunger is to munch on a handful of roasted or boiled chick peas. They are fat, and sodium free snacks can be taken to stay away from colon cancer and heart disorders.


Fruits get the thumbs up always. They can be relished as a snack in a dried form or a fresh form. The seasonal fruits are great to taste and also help keep the weight under control.

The healthy salad bowl

Chop your favourite veggies finely and add a dash of salt, pepper and lemon juice. This will help you stay alert and fresh while filling the stomach. A bowlful taken at lunch will help keep the carbohydrate snacking under control.

Peanuts for fullness

This antioxidant rich nut is full of nutrients, proteins and minerals and fills the stomach, so gorge on it if you are not allergic to it.

Corn flowers

Pop corn, the whole grain, fibre rich food, made at home without any additional butter added to it is a nutrient-rich full stomach diet. So get ready to pop some corn and keep those increasing calories at bay!

Edited by: Medhavi Gulati