6 Surprising reasons you are gaining weight

Hogging onto junk food, physical inactivity, slouching in front of the T.V. or computer, extended hours of work at your desk et al are capable enough to discommode you today or tomorrow. Balled over? Well, it wouldn’t be delusive to say that all these habits can indeed intensify your weight problems. If you thought only these or similar factors can beget obesity, you need to think over, again!

Here are a few reasons that will take you by surprise.

Lack of sleep can cause obesity too
Fats accumulate in your body owing to a lack of sleep. If you are into the habit of hitting the bed late, chances are there that you eat snacks late at night, however, contrary to the belief late-night snacking help a person get a better sleep, it in real can add more calories.

Try to get an 8-hour sleep each night. The underlying notion is elementary. If you go to bed late, you tend to eat something (in case you feel hungry), and if not, you then rise up from your bed late owing to which you are unable to go out in the fresh air and exercise. By the time you think of going out for a morning walk, you realize that you are already running late… and here goes your 1 day in bin. This 1 day could well be utilized in shaping up your bod and burning those extra calories.

Is stress leading you to be over-weight?
In the society that we live in, it is highly demanded of us that we be extra-cautious in matters pertaining to our work. And, if in such a scenario, we stress out, it can have long lasting effects for our internal system. Stress triggers a biochemical process which causes hormonal imbalance and this imbalance is more than a likely reason for obesity in the abdominal region.

Medications? Yes!
If you are undergoing medication, then it can be one of the major reasons of causing obesity. Certain drugs used to treat seizures, asthma, depression, diabetes and blood pressure can cause obesity in a person.

Steroids – one major cause!
Experts say the use of steroids can cause fluid retention and increase your appetite making you hungry. Some steroids slow down the metabolism rate which can cause weight gain in an individual.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Many young women these days are diagnosed with PCOS or PCOD. PCOS is a condition where cysts are formed on the ovaries, thereby causing a menstrual disturbance. Women with the condition often contend with weight gain. Shedding extra pounds can become a constant struggle for them. Doctors advise women suffering from PCOS to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet so as to avoid putting on weight near their abdomen.

It may seem difficult at first glance, but menopause and weight gain go hand in hand. It has been revealed in previous researches that extra flab in the midsection is more likely after menopause. It is believed that lower levels of estrogen after menopause cause the women to binge eating and be physically less active.