Had a close brush with garlic flakes? Get rid of the stench the Medguru way!

Euuu…That smell is intolerable, what is it? It’s the stench of the white flaky garlic. This essential and integral cooking ingredient is great for the food flavors but is repulsive because of its unpleasant smell. The worst news is that for almost 72 hours the odor of the flakes keep coming out of the mouth and we wonder if there is a way out? Yes we have a few good ways of neutralizing the smell and keeping the mouth refreshed. Read on:

Peppermint and mint chewing gum

This is the age old way of dealing with smell. Just make sure the mints you gorge on contain real peppermint, they will surely taper the smell for a few hours.


Take mustard and mix it with water to use as a mouthwash. You can also swallow a little ground mustard with water and swallow it, to kill the smell produced by the garlic sulphur compounds.

Cardamom, anise seeds, fennel and parsley

These seeds and herbs are amazing to mask the strong smell of garlic as they have neutralizing properties. Haven’t you heard about the old ladies chewing on some mint leaves to chase the smells away? So Just pop the herbs and seeds into the mouth and chew on them till the juices escape.


Parsley has high chlorophyll levels and has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. It has natural breath freshening effect and stops the odor from the source where it begins.

Yogurt and milk

Eating yogurt reduces hydrogen sulphide and bad bacteria in the mouth and milk also has fat content that reduces the malodorous from the mouth.

Coffee beans are the answer

They may be really bitter and taste awful but the coffee beans have certain ingredient mixed with antibacterial effects. Heard about halitosis? Well, certain microorganisms can cause bad breath due to this and the best way is to chew on some coffee beans that have been roasted well. This is a sure shot method of reducing the bad odors escaping the mouth after a “garlicky bout”.

The best way is to grab the toothpaste and brush away the moment you have a garlic laden food stuff or rinse the mouth thoroughly with a good minty mouthwash, at least temporarily you can get rid of the stench.