Nagging abdomen pain? It may be a heart attack, read on for more warning signs

Bent double under an acute upper abdomen discomfort? Better be careful it may be a heart attack! While it’s often a subtle and mild pain along with discomfort that are the indication of a heart attack, it is not always necessary that one gets the intense and sudden pain in the chest. Just read on for a view at the heart attack signs and symptoms:

Discomfort in the upper parts of the body

The most surprising thing is that these conditions of discomfort and pain often go unnoticed as they start as a nagging twinge in the jaw, neck or stomach.

Discomfort in the chest

If you feel a strange discomfort in the chest area for a few minutes and the pain keeps going away and then returning. The most characteristic property of this discomfort is fullness, uncomfortable pressure, a feeling of being squeezed or painful discomfort; it may be time to get some help.

Shortness of breath and fatigue

The two main signs that indicate that the body needs to relax and rest is a feeling of getting exhausted and feeling short of breath. This may be accompanied by chest discomfort also. All these are indications that a heart attack maybe on the way because of stress. Being exhausted or tired for no reason are causes of concern, remember this! In the case of women, being tired, short of breath for months can lead to an attack.

Vomiting, indigestion and nausea

Other common signs that a heart attack may be approaching is a feeling of lightheaded and nausea. Often this condition is characterized by a cold sweat. Mostly one suffers from shortness of breath, chest pain and a nagging jaw or back pain.

Before a heart attack many people have complained of having gastrointestinal troubles and they generally resort to OTC drugs for curing the heartburn and indigestion. So if you generally do not face stomach hassles then these symptoms need to be looked into.


Are you sweating profusely but haven’t indulged in any physical activity? It’s time for a heart check-up. This is the warning sign that your heart needs some attention. This is normally because the arteries have become clogged with plague and the blood tries to push through the available space and this leads to a lot of pressure on the heart. The extra exertion raises the body temperature and this is cooled by the extra sweating. Just keep the eyes open for cold sweats and night sweats though.

Other things you need to keep your eyes open for are a tightness or pain radiating through the body. A pain in the left arm, upper abdomen, shoulder, throat, back, jaw or teeth needs attention.