Desire a sparkly complexion! Dig into nature’s goodies for a glowing skin

Jealous of that vibrant glow on the face of your neighbor? Long to look glowing with that sparkly complexion? We can add the glow and luminescence to our dull skins by following a regular exercise schedule and gorging on some “natural food gifts” hidden in the laps of nature.

Skin needs to be tended for carefully from the outside with natural applications and from inside with natural nourishment. The cellular structure of the skin is rebuilt with the help of healthy foods but it may take about 4-6 weeks for the effect to make it evident on the skin.

Read on for some foods that can make the skin glow and make you look beautiful.

Water-the elixir of life

Water is a miracle of nature and is a must for hydrating the skin. The cells are hydrated by the water content we consume and water also helps in transporting the nutrients from one part of body to other and in removal of toxins. Salty and spicy meals, caffeine, alcohol etc increase the need of water. The same is the case in summer months. But follow one rule for sure drink water whenever thirsty.


Kick start the day with a warm glass of water laden with lemon juice. This adds as a cleanser and trigger starts the sluggish metabolism. The skin starts to glow with the boost up provided by the lemon juice. The juice also has cleansing properties and adds glow to the complexion. You can also squeeze lemon onto your fresh fruit and veggie salad.

The healthy beetroot

The violet red swollen tuber vegetable is a valuable blood cleanser and aids in healthy circulation of blood. This is a great vegetable to add to the salad or can also be added to the soup to give the skin the healthy skin glow.

Brown rice

This is a healthy grain and is also termed as a natural cleanser. Rice does not contain gluten and can thus be eaten by most people who are prone to suffer from allergies. It contains high silica levels that do wonders for bringing the glow to the skin. Brown rice also helps in clearing the stomach thoroughly and is a boon for the digestion. Replace the white rice that accompanies your meal with the brown rice.

Green tea

Green tea has been known to possess anti aging properties and is rich in antioxidants that are greatly beneficial to the skin. Premature aging can be reversed by taking green tea regularly.
Other miracle foods like Parsely are loaded on chlorophyll, Vitamin C , and A that are great for the complexion because of their skin rejuvenation properties.

Other glow giving foods are like Tabouli, Avocados, goji berries, and almonds.

edited by Neelam Goswami on 08/02/2014.