Longing for sex in pregnancy? Wanna enjoy sexual encounter? Why not!

Pregnant and desiring your partner sexually? Scared about whether you can safely have a “sexy romp” between the sheets? There are the thoughts that commonly race through the minds of many expecting parents. Let us shed some light on sex in pregnancy:

Is sex a taboo for the pregnant couple?

Is the sex drive of the pregnant women spiked or is it slipping way down? All this may be due to the fear of the safety of the unborn child. If the mommy-to-be is having a low–risk, predictable and normal pregnancy it is normal to indulge in some sexual encounters. The women who fall in the high-risk category, face problems like cramping, discharges, bleeding from the vagina need to be careful. A woman complaining of a leakage of the amniotic fluid and who have faced miscarriages and pre-term labor problems need to abstain from sex.

Sex and the unborn child

There is one thing to remember, the baby is safely encased in the amniotic sac and is covered totally by the amniotic fluid. The cervix is sealed by a mucus plug and the uterus. This sealing off prevents the unborn child from catching infections and also prohibits any substance to travel to the child. During intercourse the man has no contact with the unborn child because of the layers of protection but this does not give the mother a go ahead with multiple partners or risky sexual behaviors.

Pregnancy sex positions

The priority is the comfort of the mother-to-be. Change any position that makes you feel even slightly uncomfortable. Side by side placements, spooning, edge of bed position, woman on the top are generally taken as the comfortable poses that one can try. The rest of the time try to sleep on the left hand side and do not lie too much on the right side or on the back as this can compress arteries and veins.

Orgasms and labor

Orgasms are kind of mild uterine contractions and after sex generally one gets these contractions after a sexual orgasm. The expanded uterus size makes the duration of the contractions last longer but it is absolutely normal of the contractions are regular. An orgasm is better avoided if the pregnant woman is in the high risk category, then any kind of uterine stimulation is best avoided.

Oral and anal sex

Oral and anal sex romps need to be referred to by expert guidance by your physician. Bubbles traveling up the vagina as a result of oral sex can lead to major complications in pregnancy and even otherwise. Best is to stay away from anal sex as they can lead to potential complications.

Remember a few basic tips have sex only when you really desire and abstain if it hurts you. There are other ways of getting pleasure, remember how a warm hug helped us relax and feel secure, so go ahead and give each other innumerable hugs.