Amazing health benefits of holy basil leaves!!

They may look like small ordinary green leaves but they pack a stiff ‘health punch.’ We are talking about the holy basil here. This plant is a source of worship in Hinduism and actually possesses medicinal properties that can cure a large number of ailments.

Common cold and fever

Boil the tender leaves of basil plant and take them during the rainy season. This acts as a preventive agent against diseases like dengue and malaria. Boil tulsi leaves with cardamom; add sugar and a little milk to the mixture. Sipping on this concoction helps in reducing high fever. Administer basil leaves’ extract after every 2-3 hours. This works miraculously on cough and cold as well. Basil is added to many cough relief herbal mixtures and expectorants.

The mucus or phlegm that collects during asthma and bronchitis can be taken care of by the basil leaves and is removed through the bronchial tube. The boiled concoction of basil leaves soothes a rasped throat. Add some honey and ginger to cure flu, asthma, cold and cough. Other respiratory disorders can be cured by the leaves.

Heart complications

Patients with heart disorders can benefit by the basil leaves as it lowers the cholesterol levels in the body. The weakness that results as a result of heart problems is also taken care of by the basil leaves.

The nerve tonic and renal uplifter

Basil leaves are a hub of medicinal properties and sharpen the memory by acting as a nerve tonic. The basil seeds are mucilaginous and the leaves also help in improving the digestion. A mixture made by extracting basil leaf juice and mixing it with honey is very effective in treating renal stone. They say that small stones in the kidneys are thrown out automatically if one continues to consume this juice for a period of about 6 months.

Oral cavity infections and stress reliever

Ulcers, and other infections in the mouth can be cured if one chews on some luscious green basil leaves. Basil has a surprise up its sleeve as it is counted under the list of anti-stress agents. Just chomp on about 10-12 leaves every day to keep the stress at bay. There is another advantage as the blood is purified by eating the basil leaves.

Skin ailments

Take out the juice of basil leaves and apply it on the affected parts of the skin to get rid of skin diseases like chicken pox and even ring worm infections. Some studies show that leucoderma is also reduced by applying basil leaves. The basil juice is effective even in injuries and insect bites.

Children problems

We have already spoken about the miraculous effect of basil leaves on cough, cold and fever, to add to the list we have kids ailments like vomiting and diarrhea.

Tooth care

Did you realize that your toothpaste tube has just about ended? Pick up some dried basil leaves powder them and mix with the tangy mustard oil and brush away. Massage the gums with this to maintain healthy dental hygiene and keep bad breath at bay.

Basil leaves are magic if you are plagued by a headache. Just mix crushed basil leaves, with some sandalwood paste, and apply on the forehead, to cool down.

Now hold that hand from venturing out for the first aid box, and use a few crushed basil leaves instead.