Healthcare Consultancy Services

Please get in touch with us for:

– Cathlab Suite Planning

Healthcare Consultancy Services

Please get in touch with us for:

– Cathlab Suite Planning
– On-site training services for Cathlab Technicians & Nurses
– Sourcing of Manpower
– Equipments/Supplies consultancy

Please call on 91 98155 53535, Mr. Rana for a quote

Diagnostic Centers

From X-Ray to MRI, we’ll guide you on the most suitable equipment for your needs, and help you in conceptualization to planning. Our experts will help you get the most for your money and get you started on the right foot.


We’ll take care of all your radiology reporting needs 24×7. Get in touch with us for more details and a personalized proposal.

Health Tourism

Health care in India has witnessed an enormous growth in infrastructure in the private and voluntary sector. The private sector which was very modest in the early stages, has now become a flourishing industry equipped with the most modern state-of-the-art technology at its disposal. It is estimated that 75-80% of health care services and investments in India are now provided by the private sector. An added plus had been that India has one of the largest pharmaceutical industries in the world. It is self sufficient in drug production and exports drugs to more than 180 countries.

* Bone Marrow Transplant
* Brain Surgery
* Cancer Procedures (Oncology)
* Cardiac Care
* Cosmetic Surgery
* Dialysis and Kidney Transplant
* Drug Rehabilitation
* Gynaecology & Obstetrics
* Patient Health Checkups
* Internal/Digestive Procedures
* Joint Replacement Surgery
* Nuclear Medicine
* Neurosurgery & Trauma Surgery
* Preventive Health Care
* Building Refractive Surgery
* Osteoporosis
* Spine Related
* Urology
* Vascular Surgery

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