Hit hard by cupid’s arrow? Careful, office romance spells “trouble”

Oopsie!! That could be dangerous! Do we catch you sneaking a “love lorn” romantic look at that gorgeous executive slogging it out on her office table? And hey there! Did she give you the same look back? Gear up guys, there could be some trouble brewing around the office corner for you!!

Most of the “wake-up” time is spent at the office and one is in constant contact with the colleagues. The constant work brushings make your heart beat faster and your pulses scram crazy with that special “someone” in the office! We agree that is can be very rejuvenating to work in tandem and grab those “hand holdings” but are you sure the office romances work out? Think a while before you smell “love in the air”:

Get real, people

Normally the company policy insists that you can’t date a colleague. In case the romance blisters on one of you may have to quit this lucrative opportunity. Generally office romances do not spell happy endings and the colleagues’ part ways enveloped in the blanket of bitterness. Then what do you do? Stalk your ex to see if they are peeking at another?

Special favors

What if you like that “special someone” and he/she is your subordinate? Then steps in the favors expected out of the relationship, ignoring the mistakes and spreading of antipathy in the working team. You will not be able to use the strict rules for your “honey bunny” and be compelled to review wrongly. Don’t put yourself in that predicament!!

You can’t hide from view

Don’t forget people have their eyes on you constantly. It needs a tremendous amount of discretion to keep the office romance hidden away. Can you imagine the agonizing efforts you will need not to peek at your favorite gal working on the nearby table? The moment you speak to her all the office glares will be directed your way and the cat will soon get out of the bag. The revealing of the relationship may make you face the brunt of scoffing and ridiculing. Your efforts at work may be undermined specially if your partner is a tad superior to you, and believe us soon it will hurt as your hard work is brushed aside.

You may also be excluded from the office group as they will insist on giving you privacy and space. The decision for projects, promotions, team formations, delegation of authorities and responsibilities will be unconsciously shaded by the romantic inclinations and lead to an ineffective work culture.

Blame game

Not all romances make it to the altar. What if your romance ends with a bad taste in the mouth and your ex-partner gets vindictive? You may end up facing the brunt of social alienation, harassment charges, and a fall along the corporate ladder.

It’s a better deal to select a date from other associations or if worst comes to worst – a dating service. Leave the office employees alone and if you sit in the middle of it- ask for a transfer!! ! Try to focus your “love attentions” to another office in another building, it will be better.

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