Passive smoking can turn kids aggressive and antisocial

Do you think smoking in front of your kids is ok? Think again…according to a latest study, kids exposed to passive smoking in their early childhood can turn out to be antisocial and extremely aggressive physically.

According to a research study conducted by the University of Montreal in Canada , it has been found that kids exposed to second hand smoke early on in their childhood, whether during pregnancy or having a history of antisocial parents are more likely to be physically aggressive in their behaviour and their seems to be a definite correlation between the two.

Research study by Linda Pagani:
The research study involving 2055 kids for observation was published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health on May 21st. The data collated involved kids from newly born to those10 years of age.

The reports from the parents as well as teachers from classroom behaviour was examined and the effects of second hand smoke exposure was clearly determined by experts.

According to lead reseracher Linda Pagani, “Second-hand smoke is in fact more dangerous that inhaled smoke, and 40 per cent of children worldwide are exposed to it. Moreover, exposure to this smoke at early childhood is particularly dangerous, as the child’s brain is still developing,”.

Pagani added, “Those having been exposed to secondhand smoke, even temporarily, were much more likely to report themselves as being more aggressive by the time they finished fourth grade,”.

Relying on the longitudinal data collected by the Quebec health authorities, Pagani confirmed the correlation of the second hand smoke with the behavioural changes amongst children. The data was annually monitored from birth of the child for significant changes.

The findings of the study imply that there is a definite correlation between the second hand smoke exposure of the child to his behavioural changes. The changes are more significant if the child has been exposed to passive smoking very early on in his childhood.

Using the detailed collation of the data collected by the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development, Pagani has come to conclusions in his study that no other scientist has achieved so far. The unique correlation of the exposure of the second hand smoke related to the physically aggressive, antisocial and deviant behaviour amongst children was finally suggested by the scientist in a big way.

Pagani suggested that, “Previous studies looking at groups of children have generally asked mothers whether they smoked or not, and how much at each follow-up, rather than asking whether someone smoked in the home where young children live and play,”.

“Furthermore, few studies have looked at antisocial behaviour in the parents and even fewer have investigated the subsequent influence of prolonged exposure to secondhand smoke over the long term.”

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