Take the “flavor herb” road to health

Need to spruce up the flavors of your food but you are worried sick about the calories content? Go for these fresh herbs that have clambered into our list of low cal flavorings and also have a dash of nutrients hidden inside.

The delicious foods we eat may not be palatable because of the lack of flavors so we add spices and herbs to increase the flavorings. These herbs can just be plucked off the garden flower pots whenever one desires and can contribute greatly to our favorite dishes:

Flavor full oregano

This “pizza essential herb” oregano has antifungal and antibacterial properties and helps cure a few infections that are transmitted because of food stuffs. They also provide relief in the cases of a few antibiotic resistant infections, and infections like oral thrush and vaginitis. This peppery and spicy herb is perennial and is delicious when added to a sautéed vegetable.

The tangy mint

Mint makes your eyes tweak the moment you imagine its overwhelming and refreshing smell. Mint has cooling properties and can add the yummy twang to any cold drink that is relished during a hot summer day. Mint leaves are magic for digestive troubles and help those people who suffer from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome greatly. Take a glass of iced tea and add a few crushed mint leaves to it. Give a little time for the iced tea to soak up the mint flavor and slurp the drink away to push away the summer heat.

The helpful Dill

Boil the leaves of the dill plant in water and drink it to cure your upset stomach. This highly versatile herb and the dill seeds can be eaten to freshen the breath as they are tasty and strong flavored. Do you relish the raw greens taken in salad form? Go for dill. This herb is a great salad enhancer makes the foods attractive and appealing because of its aromatic flavor.


A great source of folic acid Parsley adds amazing flavor and a dash of green color to the dull dishes. The crisp and tasty herb can be used freely for garnishing or as a mouth freshener.

Fresh and Green Basil

Pluck a few leaves off from your garden basil and splash to it to any salad or dessert. The herbaceous flavor adds the zing to just about any food preparation and helps keep the cholesterol levels under control. It also helps out in respiratory problems, diabetes, asthma etc.

Garden thyme

Thyme helps greatly in boosting the overall health of a person. This herb from our kitchen garden is a boxful of antioxidants like lavonoids, thymol, apigenin naringenin , thymonin etc that prevent cellular damage and help combat against cancer, aging, inflammation

Look carefully through the flavor bushes lined in the kitchen garden and add a dash of health to your foods.

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