Don’t burn your precious relationships in the “smoking fumes”

Eeww!! Your mouth smells, can you stop smoking? Does your partner complain of this often because of your nagging smoking habit? You better be careful don’t lose your love in a “cloud of fumes”.

Besides the innumerable health hassles that smoldering a cigarette can lead to, there are also some other significant reasons that should encourage a smoker to quit the smoking bug – before it is too late to salvage relationships!!

Your smelly bedtime moments

Have you ever noticed how much a smokers hair and body smells of the stenchy smoke? It is almost impossible to escape the choking smell of smoke from the body of a smoker. This can be an agonizing ordeal at bed time. One comes home tired and fatigued and longs to cuddle with the partner. An individual may feel a turn off when the smell the tobacco smoke from his or her partner’s hair is more of a companion than the hugs. This leads to a lack of close connectivity.

The smelling clothing and furniture items

The cigarette smoke does not remain restricted only to the bedroom. No one wants the furniture and the clothing to carry the stench of tobacco. You may be a regular smoker at one time and may have adjusted to the smell but when your cologne on the clothes also smells like a cigarette, its very unpleasant. You will actually not relish the smoke smell lingering all around.

Passive smoking

As compared to a regular smoking habit, people who are exposed to the fumes also face grave health hazards because of passive smoking. They are now facing health conditions like a lung disease, heart disease, or other medical conditions. Who wants to lug a bagful of health hassles along the way?

A smoker often faces colds and coughs so just imagine a passive smoker who is constantly followed by fumes?They are always facing the fear of a respiratory condition and have a tendency to fall sick mush more frequently. Even love will not permit the “non smoker” to get into a “smoking illness”! On the other hand it is not a very comfortable thought to always keep caring for a person suffering from “smokers cough”.

Ability to have sex

A regular smoker, even if he or she is a fitness freak may not have a good sexual stamina. With time the endurance keeps lessening and even the strenuous activities end up being an ordeal. You will often see the frustrated smoker’s huff and puff along the road of dissatisfaction.

Less effectiveness of the Birth control pill

Evidence shows that birth control pills become less effective when taken along with tobacco. The tobacco consumption also leads to an increase in heart problems. So why give the nod to tobacco?


One dreams of spending a lifetime with a loving partner. Smoking increases the risk of death and lung cancer and living with a partner exposed to these “potential time bombs” it becomes an ordeal to commit to a love relationship. So go ahead and chuck the butt and say yes to a healthy and fruitful love relationship!!

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