“Hammer” the blistering heat with some easy-to-do things

Fed up of the sweaty and hot weather? The glaring rays of the sun and the scorching heat drain out the energy from the individual in seconds. Summer has arrived people, and that too with full force!!

We are sure that beach visit or the AC cooled room, is the first thing that comes to mind in this sweaty weather. Our bodies get usurped by the hot weather and leads to lesser productivity and dehydration due to the rising temperatures. Let’s tell you a few simple ways to deal with the blistering heat without abusing the “already sky high” electricity bill:

Maintain hydration levels

Just gulp a cool glass of water it will immediately reduce body temperature. We gave you the answer sip lots of water to maintain the hydration levels. As there is tremendous amount of “salt loss” add some hydration tablets or electrolytes into your jug of water and sip away. Besides water you can sip some yummy smoothies, or make some of your own gourmet shakes in the kitchen. Suckling the ice cubes is another option.

Shut off your tech appliances

A lot of heat waves are generated when the electrical appliances are switched on. The laptop, the television and lights contribute to the increasing temperature of the house. Shutting them off when not needed reduces the heat that is flowing in the room. Keep the rooms airy by opening windows.

Carry a water spray

Fill a small spray bottle with cold water and keep spraying on the face to get a relief from the heat. The water spritzing works wonders. Wipe away the water droplets and sprinkle again when the heat gets at you. Spray water at the pulse points to stay cool. Try to run water over the neck or the wrist and cool the body.

Swim in abandon

The best sport to beat the scorching heat is to head out for the swimming pool. Soaking in the cool waters can provide immediate relief to the hot body. Don’t you know how to swim? Start to water your parched garden and step under the sprinkler yourself!!

Stay indoors after the sun rises

The outdoor activities should be carried out early morning when the sun ‘s heat is not that strong. The sun extends its strong prickly fingers only after 9 A.M and is at its strongest till about 4.30 P.M. making sure to carry out your favorite activities in the evenings.

Summer clothing

Dark colored clothes retain heat from the sun and give off heat to your body. Cotton is the right fabric to wear during the summer months. Remember to cover your head with a cap and carry an umbrella when heading out outdoors.

Some simple ways out are a battery powered portable fan and stay away from alcohol and caffeine, they are dehydrating.

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