Pamper the parched skin with monsoon’s glory

Wow!! Your skin radiates light! Are you feeling jealous of that compliment passed around for another pristine beauty? That’s a tough compliment and we hear this very rarely during the humid, stuffy monsoon weather. it is very important to keep the skin flawlessly shining by catering to its needs and adhering to a “monsoon skin regime” very regularly.

Besides raiding the kitchen larders for the skin goodies we need to depend on the cosmetic goodies splashed in the markets as well. It all depends on the skin demands, so listen to the call of the skin carefully, till then we suggest you some preferable “skin actions”.


Most of the times, we feel that a moisturizer, adds oil to the oily content of the skin. In the rainy season the air is already full of moisture; then what do we do? The skin experts’ verdict states that it is a must-use no matter the type of your skin. Splash it on even if the skin turns oily say the beauty and oil experts.

Dry skin

For a dry skin, the medical director of Ozone Group of Companies, Uma Singh says that use a cream based cleanser to deep cleanse the face and then use a moisturizer to keep the skin well hydrated.

Light moisturizer

In the moist months it is a good idea to pick up a light moisturizer. Apply the moisturizer lightly on the skin with finger tips. Deeply seeping it into the skin will block the skin’s natural breathing process and the moisturizer will sit on the face.

Oily skin

Deep cleanse the face and then splash water based moisturizers on the face especially if the skin is oily, says skin care expert Ceri Silk.

Sunscreen lotions

A sunscreen is a must during the monsoon season. Indu Torani, a dermatologist based in Delhi profusely recommends the use of sunscreen especially for people who work outside their homes for long hours. She says people who are actively involved in field work should “should carry sunscreen with them and apply it every two hours.”

Blossom Kochhar an Indian beauty expert also insists that people travelling daily from office to home etc need to use a sunscreen with a Sun Protection factor 15. The sunscreen needs to have both UVA and UVB protection. For people staying out for long hours in the sun the SPF level needs to be increased and the sunscreen needs to be reapplied after every two hours.

The vegetable touch

Crush a tomato and add some Fuller’s Earth to it. Wash your face, pat dry and Apply this mixture to it. After about 15 minutes wash off the paste and see the open pores close with time.
On a dry skin, apply a paste made out of banana and honey but skip the banana in case your skin is oily.

Make a paste out of watermelon and add some milk powder to it, this will provide coolness to your hot skin.

In this hot humid weather the skin breaks out into infections so make sure you have an anti fungal powder in your house always.Keep the skin free of sweat and wet clothes.

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