Steer you life the “fitness” way for sinewy and healthy body

Jealous of the lean and fit body of your neighbor? Try some fitness rules to steer your life in the right direction and get the fab body and health you dream of.


Remember that fitness is not associated only with exercises it should take over each part of your daily life. It includes steps like workout, diet and rest. Fitness is paramount but is not an erratic activity; you need adhere to some basic ground rules. The surprising fact is that people head straight for some strenuous gymming only when they realize that they are adding on some calories. But the moment they shape up a little, phew! The steam leaves them and they relax their fitness schedule again. It’s the regularity that matters, folks, go for it!

Take a peek into the general diet and exercises for fitness:

Stretch your muscles

Any exercise workout needs to start after a bout of stretching exercises. Stretch the muscles, to loosen up the body for the exercise session. The stretching helps in warming up the body prior to the workout and will protect the body from injuries.

Cardio sweats

Its ideal to do weight lifting but never forget your cardio session that makes you sweat. This is a must for fitness of body as sweating leads to letting off steam.

Regularity counts

It’s a must to be consistent and regular in your fitness efforts. Exercising for long hours one day and taking a break the next day is not going to help in any way. Try to stick to a one hour exercise routine daily and see the magic begin.

Lean food diet

Eat less and exercise more is the mantra to good health. The lean foods have lesser content of fatty foods and are ideal for getting fit. The foods are meant to calm the hunger pangs and lean foods serve this purpose well.

Water the elixir of life

Drink loads of water to keep the increasing weight at bay. Hydrated body is the key to a good workout, so do make sure you grab that glassful.

Muscle toning

Muscles need to be strengthened otherwise the whole effort of a fitness regime is incomplete. Besides concentrating on the cardio exercises the weak muscles need to gain strength so weight lifting is the answer here.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing leads to toning of the abdominal muscles so make sure you breathe deeply as you exercise.


Make sure that you consume a balanced diet always. A diet rich in proteins is not the only way to keep fit make sure your diet contains food stuffs from all the nutrient groups. The diet should be a combination of proteins, enery rich foods, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates.

Finally remember that rest and a regular lifestyle is the key to fitness and is very important for the body!! Rest helps ease out the exhausted muscles and regular routine is paramount for a fit body.Regular fitness program is a must for a healthy and fit body.

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