Stop it! Don’t think of stress, you may be taken ill!!

It’s time to flick a warning to the people who hug stress to themselves!! Don’t even think of being in a stressed state, it may have a negative effect on your health. You may fall seriously ill or may even have a heart attack, say the researchers.

Stress v/s heart attacks

Researchers have discovered that even the thought of stress can make an individual succumb to illness and may also augment the chances of a person suffering from a heart attack.

Study details

A follow up study was conducted on 7000 civil servants, over a time period of nearly 18 years. It was found out that the even an increase in the thought of an approaching stress, one saw an increase in chances of a heart attack by almost two times. Due to stressful thoughts, there may be double the risk of heart attacks state the researchers.

Study results

A positive link between stress and health has been found out due to this study, for the first time. The study is based on the people’s personal opinion regarding their perception of stress and its effect on the overall health of the individual. The study emphasizes the importance of a patient’s perspective and the detailed understanding of the situations that are interwoven with stress.

Indirectly the researchers hint that the risk of cardio-vascular disorders can be greatly reduced if the patients learn how to positively deal with a stressful situation. The key is helping the individuals to unwind in stressfully demanding circumstances.

Implications of study

The researchers carefully studied and noted the basic life style factors and medical background of the people. They kept a keen eye on factors like alcohol consumption, smoking, exercise and the basic dietary pattern followed by the patients.

Keeping the lifestyle and background in mind, the participants’ age was also taken into consideration, by the researchers. The patients with an average age of 49.5 years were asked what was the outcome of their health when they faced every day stresses in their daily routine.

According to Hermann Nabi, from the Inserm medical research institute in Villejuif, France, who is also the Lead author: “We found that the association we observed between an individual’s perception of the impact of stress on their health and their risk of a heart attack was independent of biological factors, unhealthy behaviors and other psychological factors,” he stated.

The researchers did give their verdict on the issue “One of the important messages from our findings is that people’s perceptions about the impact of stress on their health are likely to be correct,” they confirmed.