Women, are these the inexcusable “men should never-do mistakes”?

Are you taking a lot of nonsense from your partner or is he constantly messing up situations that are important to you? You need to really peer closely and see if your partner respects you and is truthful to you in every circumstance, only then will the relationship be “hunky dory”.

Unknown to you, your partner maybe a thief, a pathological liar, a jerk, a conman or a royal “mooch”. It’s up to you what mistakes you are willing to look past, and what follies you hug close to your heart as a grudge. Just remember that “you should not tolerate any crap”. Read on for some unforgivable mistakes made by men:

Is your guy texting others on a date?

You try to get cozy with your partner and he is constantly texting on his phone. You try to grab attention but he just is “too busy” to see your romantic looks. Understand you are not his priority and he doesn’t respect you enough.

Critical partner

Is your partner constantly holding you to ransom and judging you at all time? You are barely able to take a breather and his criticism doesn’t take a break. Note if makes fun of your dress once too often, or if he picks at you time and again. Does your smile make his smile get chased away? You have to take care that he doesn’t foist his humdrum moods on you.

Talking behind your back

Get Careful if your guy is spending time talking to your friends about your “not so mentionable” habits. He may be backbiting and saying negative things behind your back to your best friend. Isn’t he supposed to tell you about your irksome habits then why is he tweeting foul to your group of friends? This bothers believe me!!

Other girlfriends

You never get a chance to be secure if your guy is juggling some other babes behind your back. This is “not happening” behavior. He may be having more than one girl in his kitty and maybe meeting them behind your back. His complains that the girls are stalking him is all a bunch of crap; he is involved with them and certainly not serious about you.

Constant excuses

Your man is constantly cooking up stories and making excuses. He tells you that he can’t make it for your date because he had to put in office overtime and you catch him sleazing it out with his guy friends in the bar, this kind of behavior is unacceptable.

Is it only sex that he wants?

It’s a degrading thing to be looked down upon only from the purpose of sex. The guy’s actions will make this evident whether he lusts after you or he actually enjoys your company.

There are some other facts like whether your partner has racist views, or is a liar and conman,. These qualities are a sure shot turn off in a man. Your partner may not have any consideration for your failing health when you are unwell and tells you to join him for a party. The worst scenario is when your partner constantly infringes on your pocket. He borrows money at all times that he refuses to return back because of a “conveniently forgetful memory”. Women feel disgusted with their partners if they are constantly getting sucked into the abyss of alcoholism or drugs.

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