Young Women Equally Susceptible to Heart Diseases: Survey

If the findings of a new survey are anything to go by, young women are as much susceptible to cardiovascular disease as their old counterparts are.

The survey revelations thus contradict the earlier belief that young women were less exposed to heart diseases due to the presence of oestrogen hormone in the body.

The findings
55 percent of the doctors who were surveyed stated that there was a 16-20 percent growth in heart diseases among young women in the last five years. 41 percent of the cardiologists pegged the figure at 10-15 percent growth. The age group under consideration is the 20-40 year old women.

“Quite contrary to conventional medical ideology that due to oestrogen hormone women, especially menstruating ones, are safe from heart diseases. But lately, there has been a significant rise in number of female cardiovascular patients,” said J.P.S. Sawhney, senior cardiologist at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital here.

Majority of the doctors (83 percent) felt that Indian women were ignorant about cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, the doctors felt that working women were more aware about heart diseases as compared to non-working women.

Two-third of the cardiologists claimed that many deaths occurred because this medical condition is not diagnosed early.

“Women often overlook symptoms and discomfort pertaining to heart diseases, and rarely consult an expert. Even if they opt for consultation, more often than not, they discontinue the treatment as soon as they get symptomatic relief. The compliance rate is comparatively poor among women,” Sawhney said.

Changing Lifestyle the Culprit
Hitherto, these young women, especially the menstruating ones were considered safe, however the changing lifestyles has altered that state.

Yes, the blame has unequivocally been put on the changing lifestyle of the young women.
“The trend may be attributed to changing lifestyle which is bringing such drastic hormonal changes that heart protecting effect of oestrogen hormone is getting nullified,” Sawhney said.

In addition to an increased risk of heart diseases, the lifestyle changes has also brought in its wake a heightened chance of contracting obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

The findings are from the survey ‘Visualising the Extent of Heart Disease in Indian Women’ under which responses were gathered from close to 600 cardiologists and general practitioners.

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