Diaper free toddlers may walk better!

Is your toddler all set to walk their first steps? A recent study found out that the parents who kept their toddlers diaper free have a greater chance of increasing their walking ability.

This new research study was conducted by the scientists from the New York University. They conducted a simple experiment by observing the gait of 60 toddlers at the age of 13 months and 19 months.

The toddlers were either observed with their nappies or without their nappies. According to their research, the researchers found out that the children wearing nappies had some trouble walking compared to those who were walking naked.

Although there are many advantages of using the diaper which include the most important of all, convenience. The diaper also comes along with a number of disadvantages which in the long run may pose harmful impact on your toddlers life.

Disadvantages of using a diaper:
1. Interferes with potty/toilet training:
Using the diaper, definitely interferes with the potty training and it takes a while for the older babies to actually understand the difference between a wet diaper or a dry one. It hinders with the potty training process.

2. Impedes walking:
A diaper free toddler walks better than a toddler with a diaper. This is basically because the diaper pushes the legs apart thus disturbing the normal walk pattern.

This was a pattern observed by the main lead author of the study Dr Karen Adolph, according to her, “As soon as you put your baby in a diaper, it`s going to walk worse. Presumably the reason is the diaper pushes the legs apart,” she said.

The subsequent development of the research could not be determined by the researchers yet.

Karen Adolf also added, “The real implications are that very subtle care-giving practices – something we don`t even think about – can have big effects,”. She did not propose against using the nappies, however quoted some of the disadvantages the use of the nappies could cause, like impeding walking.

“We had a lot of children pee on our floor. It was one of our messier studies,” she said.

Thus why not potty train your toddler at the earliest and look into the advantages of having a diaper free toddler around and boost their walking ability?

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