Erotomania: love gone too far.

Yes he loves me… Oh! She is crazily in love with me… that actor is madly in love me! If someone you know has started acting weird and is showing signs of any kind of obsession then read further. There are people, who believe that they are being loved by a secret admirer, or a film start or any other famous personality. They start relating their gestures or comments to themselves and think of it as signs of their love relationship. At times the case gets so serious that people start falling for an imaginary being and meet, talk or even hang out with their imaginary partner. This disorder is known as Erotomania.

Erotomania is also known as Clerambault’s syndrome. This disorder generally develops in people who are weak at heart, or have gone through something really shocking in their past. Tragedies happen in every person’s life. Few overcome and recover from it, and few feel that they have come out of it but in reality they are still engrossed in it from mind and heart. These people become lonely from inside, they start heading towards the state of depression and if there is no one to take care of them in that period of their life then they can fall into the clutches of disorders like erotomania, schizophrenia, bi polar disorder or many other delusional disorders.

Once they are into it, it becomes very difficult to take them out of that mental disorder. These people generally don’t share their feeling with anyone. So it gets even more challenging to judge whether they are a victim of that syndrome or not. In few people this disorder is eminent, through their behavior and talks. But some people behave and carry themselves very normal, even doctors fail to judge whether they have erotomania or not. For the latter group of people, proper care needs to be taken. Their behavior, their mates, their thoughts etc. everything should be minutely checked upon.

This disorder can at times be very harmful. At times when the patient does not get the same response from their imaginary love, they tend to get violent. And in this state of mind either they harm some other person or even themselves, by committing suicides. There have come up many cases around the globe where people are suffering from various delusional disorders. And with an increase in such cases, there has been an equal increase in the treatments for such disorders.

So, if any of your loved ones is showing signs of delusion, do not ignore, immediately consult the respective doctors and get them treated before it gets too late.

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