Expecting a baby? Expect your pregnant body to undergo some changes too.

The fact that a woman’s body undergoes enormous physical and hormonal changes during pregnancy is not new to us. However, knowing what might happen to your body if it is the first time that you are expecting a baby, is important.

So here are some facts that you might not be knowing, that can surely help you cope up with the changing pace of your body.

1- Your body produces more blood when you are expecting: during pregnancy, your body carries 20% of extra blood cells so that they may carry more oxygen all throughout your body.

2- Your blood starts clotting faster: blood inside your body starts clotting easily during the pregnancy period. This happens so as to prevent excessive blood loss during delivery. However, if you are overweight or if you have ever had thrombosis, it might result in development of unwanted clots elsewhere in your body due to the fragmentation of clots near your thighs.

3- The process of digestion slows: in order to pass more nutrients in to your baby, progesterone slows down the digestion. This can cause constipation. Recommendation: consume plenty of green fruits and vegetables and keep your body hydrated.

4- You will observe stretchmarks: where many women claim that childbirth causes stretchmarks, it is not really true. During pregnancy, extra collagen present in your skin starts to tear out when stretched, causing the most feared stretchmarks. These may not get removed completely but can fade after childbirth. Recommendation: use a preferred body and skin moisturizer.

5- Your sense of smell becomes stronger: It is said that a pregnant woman becomes moody when it comes to food. This is 100% true. However this continuous likes and dislikes over the choice of food is due to the sense of smell and not of taste. So if any smell makes you feel sick, go to some other room immediately.

All these facts kept in mind, take a deep breath and relax. Pregnancy, although feared, is a power that you will enjoy only after holding the beautiful result in your arms.