Forget dieting, eat healthy and burn your fat

Dieters usually have a misconception that starving and curbing themselves from having their favorite foods will get them their desired physique. But this thought is completely vague. As by doing this you are just missing out the essential nutrients that could otherwise help your rev up your body metabolism and burn excess fat faster.

There are many people who consider themselves as doctors or dietitians and start taking their own health related decisions. This is absolutely wrong. One should always consult the experts before taking any decision related to health especially. So to burn your excess fat in an easy yet healthy way, add a lot of these five foods to your diet.

There are many foods that we use in our daily lives, but never discovered their worth. Foods that we love, like apples, oats, jalapenos etc have been scientifically proven good for burning fat. These foods not only rev up our metabolism, but also cut down cholesterol level and limit the amount of fats the cells of our body absorb. Grab upon these superfoods and the need for dieting will surely vanish.

An apple a day will not just keep the doctor away but a few health expenses as well. Apples are highly rich in a molecule known as pectin. This binds with water and lowers the amount of fats that cells can absorb. Apples help us keep fuller for longer as they are rich in soluble fiber, which takes longer to digest. Apples act as good antioxidants.

By saying nuts we don’t include all the nuts in the category of superfoods. But there are few that we consume on a regular basis, that are peanuts, pine nuts etc. nuts lower down triglycerides, which are blood fats. Pine nuts help our body to refrain hunger, hence, prevents accumulation of belly fat. Moreover nuts keep us fuller so we eat less overall.

Spicy foods
Chilies, jalapenos, peppers etc not just add flavors to our favorite dishes but also burn calories as you eat them. Capsaicin, the main compound of chilies causes the body to burn extra calories up to twenty minutes after eating time. Not only it burns extra calories but also helps fight cancer, heart attack and strokes.

One of the chief sources of proteins, egg is a boon for dieters without the addition of meat. Add eggs in your breakfast menu and see its results. This keeps you fuller as well as its protein keeps you energetic.

Generally the healthy living community includes cereals and the superfood oats in their breakfast. Oats are considered one of the best foods to fight against cholesterol. Oats can help you for a relaxing sleep as well.

Add these superfoods to your regular diet and you are set to wear your old jeans again.

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