Impulsive and aggressive attitude? It maybe attention deficit disorder

Children are children after all! An occasional episode of daydreaming, forgetting homework, or impulsive acting by a child can be ignored but don’t forget frequent episodes may be indicating a condition called attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD) in your child and that often requires medical intervention.

If you look on carefully a very fidgety child, full of impulsiveness and not focusing on any activity for long may have a medically condition called attention deficit disorder. It is urgently necessary that we are aware of the symptoms of this medical condition so read on for more:

Toddler activities in ADD/ADHD

Have you ever noticed that some children go banging about the tables incessantly? They may show slowness in the ability to speak and may strike out at others aggressively because of mounting frustration. This violent streak may settle down with time naturally but the behavior does show streaks of destructive actions, or troublesome moods.

The children may get distracted very easily and do not focus too much of attention to the activities taking place in class or at home. These children often face scolding or reprimands as they are unable to sit still and will walk off in the middle of an important conversation.

For a child suffering from ADHD/ADD, it’s important to know that it must have manifested much earlier and they must have shown the signs earlier too but the symptoms have not been recognized.

ADHD in children

According to the experts “If a child had ADHD at age five, he also had it at age four, and anyone who has ADHD at four had it age three, though it may not have been manifested.” It’s a structured environment that brings out the symptoms generally. It’s a functional and structural imbalance that is suspected to be responsible for this condition. Look out for the signs of toddler who was very slow to start walking shows a highly imbalanced gait.

These kids are unable to sit in one place or control their impulses. They lose their temper in a jiffy and show a tendency to get aggressive. Poor at following directions these kids are impatient and can’t stop interfering in others business. If some kids are playing nearby they will run off with the ball, they break lines, and interrupt others in their talk.

They are fidgety and jump from one action to the other because of their high energy levels. Even in class these kids can suddenly start to move in the classrooms or get up from their seats to raise their arms high. They invariably leave their work undone and talk excessively. A typical characteristic is that they lose their personal belongings and show a messy disorderliness. Reading tasks are certainly not their favorite and they love to daydream instead.

In adolescence, ADHD may lead to a sense of low self-esteem, eating disorders and depression. So keep the eyes open for any fall in grades or a dip in the energy levels, school performances or social behavior.

When the behavior of a child effects about two areas in a child’s life then there is cause for concern as states Marjorie Montague, a professor of special education at the University of Miami. “It’s really the degree, the excessiveness, of the behavior.”

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