Peer into your diet to keep kidney stones at bay!!

Aww! What is that excruciating pain at the side of the stomach and spreading out to the back of the body? It maybe the ache caused by a stone in the kidney. These stones maybe small or large in size, and are caused by the solidification and collection of the different urinary minerals encased in the kidney.

Reasons for kidney stones

Whenever there is an imbalance or inequality traced in the urine constituents, there are chances that these materials become concentrated and crystallize. Another surprising thing is, that this may be caused by consuming foods high in Vitamin C. The kidney stones may also develop when someone has an acute metabolic disorder in the body. That brings it down to diet!

Diet has a special role to play in the development of kidney stones. Certain food groups have their own say in the formation of kidney stones say the experts. So if we eat carefully and consciously we may be able to stall the prevention of these crystallized kidney stones.

Oxalic acid rich foods

The most common kidney stone found in most people is the stone made of calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalates are derived from foods that contain high amount of calcium oxalate and these oxalates are insoluble salts that stay in the kidney to form stones.

Whenever the oxalate has a chemical reaction with the calcium it leads to these hard stones. Take the beans, chocolate, kiwi, figs, eggplant, celery, broccoli, beet, nuts, cocoa, tea, cocoa, tea, corn, okra, figs, chives, these foods and drinks have high oxalic acid content.

Sodium rich foods

Sodium rich foods indirectly lead to an increased concentration of calcium salts in the kidney. This deposit can lead to the development of kidney stones. Sodium content is found in high quantities in black eyed peas, chick peas, canned food, common salt, beets, lotus stems, meat, sauerkraut, margarine, oysters, and pulses. It’s a sensible option to consume these in limited quantities.

Sugar rich foods

Sugar rich foods have shown a tendency to augment the likelihood of the development of Calcium Oxalate, which is responsible for leading to the production of kidney stones. Sugar rich foods are like desserts, candies, canned juices, banana, sweet potato, sugar crystals, cakes, figs, and the very yummy favorite carbonated drinks.

Protein rich foods

Keep a hold on the protein rich foods as well. Lots of delightful food stuffs like soy based foods, peanut butter, soy enriched drinks, cheese, egg, fish, milk, cream, fruits like peaches, papaya, cornmeal, rice, beans, and poultry etc are rich in proteins. Studies have also shown that foods with high protein content increase the calcium concentration in the urine and can thus lead to the kidney stones.

It is necessary to consume all the food groups in correct proportion so make sure that you do not omit any of these foods from your diet unless it has been medically recommended by a doctor. Drink lots of water to flush out the kidneys well.

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