Stomach pain torturing you? Check out common causes

Are you doubling up because of the agonizing stomach pain? Have you found out the reason for this excruciating stomach cramp, or sharp pain? Sometime or the other one gets bogged down because of the agony and there are a few general reasons for the ache. The causes may not be serious but still need to be diagnosed for treatment.

Gastro esophageal reflux

Gastro esophageal reflux may cause indigestion and stomach discomfort. Generally indigestion may be a result of gall bladder disease, GERD or ulcers in the abdominal cavity. This condition is also called dyspepsia and is characterized by a feeling of stomach discomfort, fullness or bloated ness after food. This may also cause some stomach pain, cramps or sharp abdominal ache. This is characterized by belching, nausea, growling stomach, acidic taste in mouth, or burning in the stomach.


This is a resultant byproduct of the food we consume. The digestive system works to digest the food, it helps the food particles break into smaller pieces and leads to gas that is composed of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane. Generally the gas is released by burps or flatulence.

Gas is typically passed from the body about 20 times daily. Whenever released it can become socially embarrassing, when it gets trapped in the body it can cause trouble for body. Eating different kinds of foods causes the amount of gas production to vary.

Carbohydrates rich foods like vegetables, beans, diary products, fruits, soft drinks and whole grain foods can cause gas. The bloated feeling because of gas can cause great discomfort.


This is a highly frustrating and painful problem that has almost 2% of the American population in its grip. Whenever it becomes difficult to evacuate the bowels one faces the uncomfortable constipation. The bowel movements become irregular and difficult. Going for a few days without bowel movement can cause a very uncomfortable state of the abdomen and it becomes very uncomfortable to pass the feces.

This is a functional power of the bowel rather than a problem in the organ structure. This is a result of inadequate intake of water and fiber in the diet. Even travelling, stress, excess dairy products, or lack of exercise can lead to constipation. This causes stomach pain, nausea, vomiting and uncomfortable abdominal conditions.

Lactose intolerance

Lots of people are unable to digest lactose rich foods comfortably. Lactose is found commonly in dairy products and milk but many people are intolerant to it. An enzyme called lactase is necessary for the digestion of lactose and many people do not possess this enzyme. This can lead to a bloated feeling accompanied by nausea and cramps due to painful gas formation.

At times lactose intolerance may be the reason for diarrhea. Normally this stomach condition comes up about one to two hours after consuming a milk product.

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