Stop hair loss and preserve glory of your luscious locks

Are you creeping slowly towards the “No-comb” style? This is surely a cause of worry especially if there is a rapid thinning of your hair and you fear a bald look.

Rather than get nightmares about artificial hair pieces and hair extensions it’s better to peer deep into the causes of hair loss and do something about it.

Diet and health

Don’t take the easy way out and adjust to progressive hair loss, find a solution for yourself. The state of the hair reflects the condition of general health. Hair loss is noticed in those people who have unhealthy diets, depend too much on junk foods or are starved of essential nutrients. Over time the diet affects the hair condition. The best way to combat this is to take a healthy diet full of all food groups and the essential nutrients.

Alopecia and hairstyles

There are certain conditions like alopecia where bald patches appear on the head. At other times certain hairstyles force the hair out from the roots. Talking about this experts state “When you don’t eat enough food or avoid the necessary vitamins, your hair will lose the nutrients that make it strong and beautiful. If you wear tight hair styles such as braids or ponytails all the time, you can actually develop traction alopecia, where the hair is constantly pulled until the hair falls out.”

Certain medications

Certain drugs that are prescribed by the doctors in conditions like cancer, heart problems, diabetes, depression etc cause hair loss in people. Even some skin disorders like lichen planus etc can lead to loss of hair , the best way is to get the appropriate treatment and watch your hair grow back.

Hereditary or hormonal factors

The baldness gene may be passed on from generation to generations. Certain sex hormones present in the body can trigger off permanent hair loss. Normally this hair thinning starts at puberty time.

But sometimes the hormone fluctuation as in case of pregnancy and childbirth etc also sets off temporary hair loss. Endrocrine disorders like thyroid imbalance etc also lead to hair loss. Get an opinion from a dermatologist!

Dirty hats

If you cover your hair with a cap, don’t worry, it won’t tug the gentle hair follicles out but if your cap is dirty it can cause a scalp infection that can lead to hair loss. So make sure you keep your hats clean and keep changing them periodically.


A severe weight gain or loss, death high fever, or a situation of grave physical or emotional stress can cause a likelihood of loss of hair. Don’t worry this will settle down with time and the hair will be back to the same.

Sometimes there are conditions when the person goes through a mental illness where the people can’t control the urge to pluck out their hair from the roots. They take out the hair from the eyelids the eyebrows or the head leading to ugly bald patches. Proper medication from a Practioner and counseling can help solve this problem.

In general make sure that you keep your hair clean and washed. Protect the hair from strong sunlight exposure and massage it with oil after a few days to give it back the nourishment it needs!

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