Why funny guys get the babes!

Some heartening news for guys who can crack up their women! Yes, its official, women find men with a sharp wit and winning sense of humor more attractive.

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine found that a woman’s brain exhibited more activity in the reward related area of the brain in response to humor than men. It proved that women had evolved to appreciate the funny factor whereas men had evolved to produce hilarity.

Apart from the primary evolutionary reason, the study found women use sense of humor as a weapon to gauge a man’s genetic fitness as dream mate and his potential as father to their children.

Study involving 22 children
In a bid to determine whether there was a strong correlation between humour and increased attractiveness for women rating men, the researchers carried out a study.

It involved 22 boys and girls aged between six and thirteen years. As a part of the study, the subjects were shown hilarious clips of people falling over and animals performing antics.

To draw comparisons, children also viewed positive clips, featuring dancers and snowboarders, and neutral videos of nature and bike rides.

The kids were asked questions pertaining to the humor content of the clips and their level of enjoyment. In addition, they were subjected to MRI scanning of their brains.

The MRI revealed heightened activity in the midbrain and amygdale region of the girl’s brains than their male counterparts an indication that they experienced stronger mirth and positive feelings.

The researchers explained, “Our data for the first time disclose that sex differences in humor appreciation already exist in young children.”

They added that women favor a good natured mate with a funny disposition “because the female brain, and particularly the reward circuit, is biologically better prepared to respond accordingly.”

The findings of the study are published in the journal Social Neuroscience.

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