Woman dies mysteriously after giving birth to a baby

A 23-year-old woman died under mysterious circumstances just hours after delivering a baby boy at Vani Vilas Hospital on Thursday. This lead to her shocked and grieving relatives staging a protest, alleging negligence on part of the doctors of the Vani Vilas Hospital.

The woman, Chandramma, was admitted to Vani Vilas Hospital on Wednesday morning and opted for a normal delivery. This was her second pregnancy, for which she had been undergoing regular medical check-ups at the Corporation Hospital on Mysore Road.

According to her family members, Chandramma was induced to experience labour pains by administering an injection to deliver the baby soon after. She delivered a baby boy at about 3 am on Thursday. About 7.30 am, she was taken for performing a hysterectomy (a surgical procedure to remove the uterus). Her condition began deteriorating soon after this procedure was completed.

Taking into consideration her falling health the doctors immediately moved her to the intensive care unit (ICU). It was said that she was doing fine until 1 pm, when her blood pressure suddenly started to drop. She suffered a massive cardiac arrest, to which she succumbed at 1.55 pm.

Manjunath, Chandramma’s husband was puzzled because Chandramma was regularly taken for check-ups and there was nothing wrong with her pregnancy what-so-ever neither she had any health issues that could have led to a sudden death.

Chandramma’s sudden and unexplained death was a big shock to her husband and her relatives, who allege negligence on part of the doctors and the hospital staff.

The hospital staff reportedly informed them that her bleeding did not stop even after delivering the baby, but are not sure of precise cause of Chandramma’s sudden and unexplainable death.

The family has not filed a complaint yet so the Victoria Hospital Police have not registered any case. The police said they might wait for the post-mortem report before deciding to lodge a complaint as they are demanding an explanation from the hospital authorities and doctors over Chandramma’s mysterious death.

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