Ambala Civil Hospital shocked as baby born outside ward

We have some astonishing news for you! This is what happens when there are not enough beds in hospital; women in labor can give birth to babies anywhere. In Ambala, a 25 year old lady had no option but to deliver her baby outside the trauma ward in the hospital, but what caused this? It was the agonizing wait for a bed that led to the baby’s arrival, folks!

Woman delivers baby outside ward

The helpless lady was forced to deliver the baby right outside the trauma centre in Ambala City’s Civil Hospital as she waited for a bed. Now the hospital is wiping its brow as the staff has to deal with allegations of negligence. Well, a probe has now been issued in the matter.

Sunita Devi, the woman’s mother, confirmed that after her daughter had complained of labor pains early morning she had called for a rickshaw and rushed her daughter to the trauma centre. On arrival they found out that the lady doctor was not on duty. The nursing staff asked her to submit an OPD slip. The outpatient slip was available at the main hospital building and because Sunita was an illiterate lady she could not manage to get it.

Negligent staff

Repeated pleadings fell on deaf ears as the nursing staff declined to help her out and instructed them to wait instead leading to delay and the birth of the baby. A harassed Sunita, snapped back “Left with no other option, we sat on a bench close to the entry gate. In the meantime, my daughter suffered a severe labor pain and delivered a baby there.”

After this the lady was given admission to the ward, by the hospital staff. But it seems the lady’s husband is very ruffled and has angrily slapped negligence charges against the hospital.
An agitated Ravi, the woman’s husband, who works as a laborer, exclaimed “It was the first delivery of my wife and worse could have happened.”

The Civil Surgeon Dr Vinod Gupta, said, that the doctor was unavailable at the time of the lady’s need, because of an urgent operation and has also said that the authorities have orders a probe into the matter.

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