Around 400 participants in ENT seminar

‘Magic of ear surgery’ a three day programme organised by KKR ENT Hospital and Research Institute, commenced here on Friday. Around 400 ENT doctors from all across the globe, including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Mauritius and Nigeria, are opting to participate in the workshop.

The inauguration of the seminar was initiated by the state health secretary J Radhakrishnan. The fourth edition of Otorhinolaryngology, a text book written by Dr K K Ramalingam of KKR ENT Hospital, was released by Dr P Ramakrishnan, Dean, Kilpauk Medical College.

This workshop has been a joint effort of Dr Ramalingam, Dr A Mahadevaiah of Basavangudi ENT Care Centre, Bengaluru, and Dr P G Viswanathan of Vikram ENT Hospital, Coimbatore. This was commenced to train the upcoming generation of ENT surgery.

“One of the important messages that we would like to pass on to the general public, especially the rural population, is that they should not ignore a persistent ear discharge, which could be chronic suppurativeotitis media (CSOM)”, said Dr Ravi Ramalingam, ENT surgeon and managing director, KKR ENT Hospital and Research Institute.

He also stated that CSOM was a bit more common in the rural areas as compared to the urban areas. This was so because the literacy levels were quite low and people were less interested in going in for treatment for sickness like cough and cold. He cautioned that the untreated upper respiratory infection was however the single most important cause of CSOM. Hence, he stated that the surgical expertise of treating ENT surgeon should be of best quality and extremely high standard so that the surgeons can deliver the best treatment possible.

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