Declared dead man breathes again! Medical miracle recurs

This is definitely a miracle seen by the medical fraternity again! Ohio saw an amazing phenomenon; a 37 year old man belonging to this area stunned all. His heart stopped beating for almost 45 minutes and he was pronounced dead. Then he astonished all by coming back to life!

Dead man breathes again

This incident has shoved the medical staff into a tizzy, Dead man back to life? This is ringing out all around the hospital wards and they have no explanation for the phenomenon! This is how it goes, early morning on the Aug 5th, Tony Yahle’s was in bed and his wife noticed that her husband had labored and irregular breathing. He wouldn’t wake up after his wife’s repeated efforts and so she asked for an ambulance and took him to the hospital.

According to WHIO TV, Tony’s heart beat had stopped for almost 45 minutes. The doctors tried their regular methods to get him back but they had to give up as the cardiac monitor showed a flat line. He was declared dead and his emotionally moved, 17 year old son Lawrence, yelled “Dad, you’re not going to die today.”

His wishes were answered and Tony came back from death, Lawrence’s daddy didn’t die. The staff reported that after Lawrence had pleaded for his dad to come back to life, his pulse had started beating again; it was if someone up there had heard Lawrence’s prayers. It started with a heart beat once or twice every minute.

The doctor’s verdict

Dr. Nazir told the ABC “When I looked at the electrical activity, I was surprised. I thought we’d better make another effort to revive him.” Soon his heart beat perked up and a week later Yahle was all geared up to face the arch lights and the cameras.

The survival is miraculous he feels, how true! Nazir was stunned and expected Yahle to become a candidate for heart transplant and comments on this recovery as “I’m calling it a miracle because I’ve never seen anything like it.” There have been other incidents in the past also, one of them was a lady belonging to Australia whose heart stopped for nearly 42 minutes.

The 41 year old lady named Vanessa Tanasio, had a massive heart attack and was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital but her artery was expertly unclogged and she came back to life.

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