Give Bypass Surgery the Bypass, Adopt Angioplasty: Expert

With the advancements in medical science, life longevity is definitely on the rise. The progression in the field also promises to enhance the quality of life as doctors, researchers and medical scientists uncover new-fanged, innovative methods of dealing with a medical condition.

Diseases related to the heart are no exception. A 100 percent block in a coronary artery, also referred to as called chronic total occlusion (CTO) hitherto meant going in for a bypass surgery. But that will soon be a thing of the past. In a ground breaking revelation, Japanese doctors have claimed that a cent percent block can be completely removed through angioplasty.

Matter of Skill and Practice
In a workshop organized by Apollo Hospitals, Ayanambakkam on Friday, renowned Japanese cardiologist Dr Masahisa Yamane demonstrated numerous procedure with the help of which doctors could successfully remove a blocked artery through angioplasty. More than 100 doctors from across the country attended and benefited from the workshop.

Dr Yamane explained treatment methods like retrograde angioplasty and cart technique through live demonstrations. The expert vouched for its success and categorically stated that there was no need for a patient to go under the knife even in case of a complete blockade.

“In Japan people believe that if one’s chest is opened, the soul departs. So we had to come up with alternative methods to remove heart blocks. It is a matter of skill and practice,” said Dr Yamane.

Numerous Benefits
The adoption of angioplasty over bypass surgery would also entail a faster recovery for the patient. The cost of the procedure is reportedly pegged at Rs 1.5 lakh. With all its merits, the authorities should arrange for the necessary training of doctors and procure the equipment necessary to carryout the procedure.

“The procedure requires sophisticated equipment that is available only in Japan. With the stents and balloons we have in India we could achieve 90% success. But now with the new techniques that we have learned, we can achieve 95%,” said Dr Anand Gnanaraj, senior intervention cardiologist at Apollo Hospital, Ayanambakkam.

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